Take your samples OUT of the Garbage!


Who says that samples are a waste? Who says that samples are useless? Obviously this is coming from people that don’t understand the value of a packet! Samples have so much POWER within them, so I beg of you please do not discredit them.

Think about it!…..if you are given an inch of a piece of pizza by a friend, does this mean that the whole pizza is of no use?…..NO! it means that the whole pizza has just as much value as that small piece of pizza that your friend gave you. Only now, you are looking forward to a full slice of pizza!

This is exactly how POWERFUL a sample is from any brand! That sample is simply there to give you the descsion of whether or not you should get the full package of the sneak peak!!… So with this in mind, think of the multiple benefits that come with retrieving samples!

  1. Samples can easily be placed in convenient places, this way you are always equipped no matter what the circumstances.
  2. Samples fit well in purses and pockets!
  3. Samples can be taken on road trips!
  4. Samples simply give you a peace of mind. You no longer have to be fearful of purchasing a full sized product.
  5. Samples are safe and by law can be taken on an airplane within your carry on bag.

For example, the samples above are by Palmers. By law they are acceptable for travel in your carry on bag. The regulations simply states that travelers are able to carry up to 3.4 ounces (100 ml)within their carry on bag on an airplane (lotions, gels, liquids, pastes and aerosols). So what are the sizes the samples above from left to right? Glad you asked! 

(a) 1 ounce/ 30ml

(b) 0.34 ounces/ 10ml 

(c) 0.14 ounces / 4ml

Please I beg of you to think of samples in a different light. SAMPLES have SO much VALUE!….Take them out of YOUR garbage and hold on to them. They are not burdens, but of GREAT convenience!

Zyia Active…. Tumeric Bra and Capri Set!


“My skin could breathe in this!”

This was my first thought as I tried on the gear that I received from Zyia active. Their active wear is formulated to have moisture control and is also sweat wicking. My skin felt as though it was being hugged by pillows! It wasn’t to tight, but not loose either. The stretch within the fabric was amazing! This allowed me to be able to work out comfortably plus efficiently without worrying about having to readjust my clothing!


To the right side of the photo you will see a hidden lining at my waist. This lining is a hidden pocket that can hold keys (I don’t like to leave my car key hanging around while I work out!).

Big Bust size???…….If your like me with a big bust (36DD), don’t worry the bra fits more amazing than you could ever imagine. In this photo I am wearing a size medium and trust me when I say that I was able to do jump and jacks, mountain climbers and jumprope without having to worry about a nipple hanging out or Fear that there wasn’t enough support within the bra!

So don’t delay! go get your active wear from Zyia Active! …..If you would like to see me working out in this gear please feel free to check out my Instagram and look for the featured image of this blog and swipe left to see the video at: _iamdanaq_

Click the link below to shop!

Zyia Active Wear 




Cookies at Bahia Mar Hotel!


So your Air conditioner broke down and now you have to stay at a hotel. The company responsible for putting up your new Air Conditioner contacts you to inform you that your stay at the hotel is on their tab and all you have to do is send them the receipt! So now you are excited and decide to choose an exquisite hotel but within the financial limits that the company gives you.  You search for the best price possible and plus you want to make sure that you get money back using the DOSH app plus stay at a hotel that you have never been to before that is not to far away from home. Low and behold you come across the “Bahia Mar Hotel, division of double tree by Hilton.”

According to DOSH, The hotel cost $123/night and there was a money back guarantee of $57.78, after your stay is completed!  The hotel is now booked and after a night out with friends, you realize that your hotel is literally two minutes away! HOW SWEET IS THAT?!!… You arrive to this…..




Your amazed but It’s 1:45am and you are now ready to check in. A polite woman comes to the front desk and says “Hello ! welcome to the Bahia Mar, here are two bottles of water and two warm walnut chocolate chip cookies courtesy of the hotel whenever you want more! Can I have your name so I can check you in?”

I immediately asked her if she was joking and she said……. “no sweetie, free water and warm chocolate chip cookies whenever you request it, are you ready to check in now?”

Unfortunately I couldn’t answer right away because I already had a warm and tasty cookie in my mouth and as soon as she looked up at me she began to laugh! (I like my snacks!, HA HA HA).

So she checked me in and gave me two more warm cookies and I headed to my room. Room is a double room and clean. You notice the pamphlets on the dresser and one of them says….. “Gain 1000 points if we don’t clean your room, just leave this flyer on your door!”  You are tired so you decide to explore the hotel in the morning.

Next day you wake up and realize how beautiful the hotel is as you explore. The hotel has a pool. But in order to get to the pool you have to walk this amazing large bridge that connects between your hotel, the main tower and the pool from the second floor. At the intersection of the bridge you come across the sign that says “to the left= pool, to the right= beach.” And in your mind your thinking “wow! I need to travel more because this is amazing.”

So what else does this hotel offer? There are shopping centers at the hotel, a yacht dock where you can walk and sight see, a bar within the hotel and a restaurant. There is even exquisite room service with the option of cheesecake to be delivered to you up until 11pm.

So what are you waiting for? Get to the hotel and enjoy it now! You wont regret it! I promise!

If you want to see more, please visit my Instagram for the videos of the hotel @ _iamdanaq_


But the bible is boring!


Ever feel like you know you need to read the bible but feel as though you don’t know what stories to read or even where to start? Ever feel as though you know you need a bible verse tailored more to you and less to the general public? Ever feel guilty because you know that you need a quick word for the day but feel as though you are to lazy to open a bible and read a full blown bible story? Afraid that your disappointing God because you just don’t have the time to read his word? Well don’t feel that way at all, life happens, trials and tribulations occur and sometimes we only have stolen moments but we feel as though we need to stay updated to the word of God. Your not alone because I feel the same way as well. If your old school like me and still like the feel of books and having a pen and paper in your hand, then you will love this devotional. It’s called “Everyday bible promises for women.”   It has a writing section at the bottom of each devotional so that you can write down what stood out to you or what you learned. This is how I stay afloat in life!

For men there are: “Promise keepers Mens study bible” and “Everyday bible promises for Men.


Lesson/Takeaway: There will be times when reading the bible can become redundant or even tedious. But not it does not have to be boring. Never ever think that you are disappointing God, he loves you regardless!


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Your finally accepting the fact that you can sing but……theres another problem! YOU HATE HOW YOU SOUND!
You like how you sound when your at home alone and singing in the shower or just singing around the house and you say to yourself “ok ok, i got some skills there, ok!!.” So you decide that maybe people are right and you should probably take this seriously. So you begin to record how you sound. You play it back and begin to cringe at the the sound of your voice at play back. You hate show you sound, you believe you sound like a stranded goat or nails on a chalkboard and you become disgusted. IS THIS YOU?…….
Ladies and gentlemen, this is normal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sing or are not an artist, it simply means that you realize that you have a lot of work to do when it comes to perfecting your gift. How do I know? because this was myself a couple of months ago. I cringed at the sound of my voice during play back and wanted to throw my phone/recorder away! I literally gave up at one point, lost confidence and said “nah I’m not a singer.” (Don’t believe me? then go track my progress: https://youtube.com/channel/UCUAoh_7KuONJAcBAY_9pHgg)

Anyway, as i continued to go thru life singing as I was on the streets or even at work, the response was the same for everyone i ran into: “Dana you really do have a beautiful voice.”
so i #triedagain……began recording myself and realized that being a singer didn’t mean that I had to have so many vibratos in my vocals or that i had to do so many ad-libs. Sometimes a song just requires you so let go of the fear and sing from your heart. BUT THEN THERES ANOTHER PROBLEM……..when I begin to press record, I began to shake and get nervous all over again…..its just me and the recorder so what am I afraid of here??!!!……NEVER A DULL MOMENT! So what do I do now?

Stay tuned!

But I know I can sing!

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She began to loose hope in herself. Fear had become such a huge part of her life in this particular category that it sickened her. She didn’t want to be afraid, but when she got on stage to sing she choked. It appeared as though she couldn’t sing at all. But place her in the shower, or during a workout, or at the supermarket and her voice sounded astonishing. If she was at the supermarket people would smile and say “wow you have a beautiful voice.” If she was at walmart, someone would tap her shoulder and say “You belong on american idol.” If she was at work and just taking care of her patient as she did a dressing change (she is a nurse) and just singing a small lullaby , her patient would say “ur a wonderful nurse but girl u picked the wrong career, you need to be onstage somewhere.”

But put her onstage to sing, and she was a shipwreck. Her hands would shake and get sweaty, she would feel dizzy, her throat closed up, tears welled up in her eyes and her stomach hurt so bad. it is at those moments that she dreaded being a singer. but in all honesty, singing was the only thing that kept her afloat, made her feel alive and that life was bearable. So she challenged herself. She began to sing more and anywhere. Even when she didn’t feel like it, She stopped hiding in the shadows of always being a back up singer and began to step forth for solo’s. But it wasn’t easy because there were moments when she cried right before shows and told herself….. “but i know i can sing!, i just have to get through tonight, i just have to sing this song, no ad-libs, just sing!”

That girl is me, Dana. This is for those that have been rejected and told that they weren’t talented. The people that allowed fear to make them hostage and cripple their gift. those that gave up on themselves but at some point knew that they had to get back up and fight because their gift would just go to waste. Sometimes people like this or like me just need hope and a place for encouragement/growth. This is the place.




Beautiful topic !



Several activists have mentioned about the problems faced by a dark tone girl/women during their lifetime and have mentioned about how this is one of the many selection criteria people have in their lists whether it is personal or professional.

This starts when a child is young and strangely the people who poke her first are the ones within her own family. Our own family starts to compare the skin tone of  siblings with that of her’s and sometimes these comparisons are so intense that the tender little child heart breaks into  tears, resulting in a major setback in her confidence thereby leading to depression and a fear to face the world!

And this is not the end. We see several advertisements on how to make your skin tone even. But let me remind you…. the promises made to even out one’s skin tone sometimes turns into regret stories—— “It’s…

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Gastroparesis? HUH???!!!


You have had multiple test done and the doctors don’t see any need to keep you in the hospital because all your test are now negative, (by the way you have been in the hospital for weeks now.)  You have had multiple fevers and have already been diagnosed with diverticulitis and having perforation as well as a “windstock” like mass in ur intestines. The doctors have cut out the windstock and placed a stent. As a last resort your doctor decides to do one last test where you are made a sandwich with a contrast dye within it and your placed under this huge machine to see how fast you stomach can digest food, the test takes 3-4 hours. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!……You finally have another diagnosis………Gastroparesis!

So what happens now?…….your finally diagnosed and understood all of the doctors instructions. You even have a prescription for a drug that you have read has CRAZY side effects, but you believe there  has to be another way.  Who wants to take medications that can disrupt your nervous system and make you appear to have Parkinson’s disease when you really don’t? This is madness. However, you don’t want to be afraid to eat food anymore because of the possibility of throwing up after each meal.

But before I go deeper, let’s have an understanding of what Gastroparesis really is. So gastroparesis is a condition by which the stomach no longer knows how to empty itself properly and efficiently after a meal. So many individuals experience nausea and vomiting, extreme stomach bloating and fullness after maybe 3-4 spoonfuls of food combined with a beverage. This condition is most likely seen in people with diabetes, but individuals like myself with no history of diabetes and never had an issue with blood sugar problems, don’t understand why they have to suffer like this when it comes to eating meals. We become Fearful everytime its time to eat a meal and we hope and pray we don’t throw up after a meal. Most studies of this condition say that it is the result of the vagus nerve being damaged. But how this occurs is still a mystery.

So you research and research and try things out until finally you have reached a food regimen that works for you. Until finally, 3 years later, you solved the mystery of how you can have a normal life even though you have been diagnosed with gastroparesis. So here is the food regimen that has worked for me: I began by letting go of red meats. Red meats typically takes the average human being 24-72 hours to digest out of your body. That’s horrible! This means that red meat is just sitting in your stomach for one whole day up to three whole days. What I did hold onto is white meat: white meat can take up to 8 hours to digest.  So I chose to keep the lesser of two evils. HA HA!!…..My next decision was to incorporate protein shakes into my food regimen. I would have one protein shake between breakfast and lunch and then another between lunch and dinner. I chose to use non-dairy forms of protein, I have five favorites: Garden of life; Organic raw protein, ”  Vega organic protein , Juice plus complete protein, and Tera organic pumpkin protein. These brands are my favorite sources of protein to get due to the fact they are plant-based. The Juice Plus Protein is soy based. Now you may be wondering why I chose the non-dairy route for protein, well……..studies have shown that regular milk is not just regular milk. The cows from which the milk comes from have large traces of mucus in them due to whatever sickness the cow may have at the time of getting the milk from it. This in turn has a negative affect on humans by causing inflammation to occur. So many may experience eczema or itching after consumption of dairy products (also my story). So now you may be wondering what kind of milk do I drink. My favorite non-dairy products are: oat milk, quinoa milk, hemp seed milk, cashew milk, flax milk,  banana milk, coconut milk and rice milk. These types of milk are found at whole foods along with the proteins mentioned above. Anyway, raw foods such as uncooked fruits and vegetables or oatmeal are consumed early in the day and never at night. So for lunch, this is the best time to have raw carrots or an apple or broccoli. I also gave up coffee and made teas my go to. Coffee doesn’t help people like myself with digestion issues, it actually makes it worse by causing acid reflux.

So now you may be asking…. what about grains: pasta and rice, etc. Well the answer for that is simple. I never consume wheat at any cost. Wheat is what slows down the digestive process of people with gastroparesis/diverticulitis and causes stomach bloating. So the only answer is white pastries and rice of everything. I know that sounds horrible and it even sounds like your going to gain 80 pounds consuming white of everything, but remember, I said that this is what worked for me. After one year I went from 193 pounds to 158 pounds. So it did work for me.  For sandwiches, I would use white or potato bread. for pastas i would cook with pasta made out of rice but nothing with any form of wheat in it. The only time I would consume anything of that sort outside of my food regimen is when I’m out with friends, at a party or girls night at a friend’s house.

So here is a break down of my food regimen:

  • I start my morning with a full glass of water upon waking up and before a meal. Studies show that it wakes up the stomach.
  • No red meat, but strongly encourage all white meats: chicken, turkey, fish, etc.
  • Boiled eggs are to be consumed early in the morning. Choose scrambled egg whites over regular scrambled eggs. 
  • Gluten-free diet is best
  • No coffee. If you need some type of caffeine, then green tea is good as well as greens superfoods in the powdered form. This can be easily mixed with juice.  It is found at whole foods and has all natural energy revitalizer in it. There is also Teecino dandelion coffee (it is not coffee and is caffeine free but contains natural herbs to give you the energy needed.) This is also found at whole foods.
  • Work out 3 days a week. On my lazy days when i don’t want to work out,  I go for walks or jump rope. Yoga is great to.
  • Protein shakes are your friend: use one of the proteins talked about above or one of your choice……. drink twice a day. Once in between breakfast and lunch and one between lunch and dinner. if I am lazy and don’t feel like blending fruits and vegetables, I will simply take one of my favorite milks and grab a scoop of protein and shake in my bottle.
  • Juicing is your friend, especially for raw fruits and vegetables that your body will take longer than normal to get rid of.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables are to be consumed early in the day (breakfast or lunch time) and never at night.
  • Teas are wonderful. They aid in helping the stomach digest foods. See teas as a form of a catalyst during digestion, they simply give a little push. my favorite teas are peppermint, ginger, chamomile,  cinnamon apple, and green tea. I consume one tea in the morning after breakfast and another at night before bed.
  • Avoid wheat. white rice is fine, and pasta made from rice is fine. white bread is fine. Potato bread is fine.
  • Avoid brown rice, (if you need to have it then 2x a month is ok.)
  • Beans, peas, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds are great. They actually have a great source of protein and omega that the body desperately needs for digestion.
  • Do not drink fluids with meals. they are to be consumed before or after a meal.
    Avoid soda
  • Oatmeal is to be eaten VERY early in the morning (6am-7am).
  • If you consume a granola bar, cereal, or a breakfast bar with any type of grains and granola in it, be mindful that it can drop your blood sugar within 3-5 hours. At this point you will experience signs of hypoglycemia (feeling weak and shaky). So Make SURE to always have a back up snack handy and ready to eat within that 3-5 hour window time frame.
  • If you are having a really bad episode of nausea and vomittng, but you also feel very weak, my recommendation is to lay on your left side with a bunch of pillows under your head. And within an hour you will literally feel the food in your stomach begin to move down your digestive tract and digest. Allowing you to feel a lot better.

Punish Him Not!……

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“He’s amazing, he opens doors for me, he actually listens to what I’m saying, he hears what I’m not saying and he sees right threw me. He cares about me, he makes me feel worth it and I don’t have to be what I’m not. He hugs me and suddenly I no longer have any more worries.”

This what she said to a friend over the phone and the friend says “I’m so happy for u, you have been through a lot.”

she’s been told many times that someone would come along that would make her feel appreciated but she had no idea that her past would cause her to unintentionally affect the man that she didn’t want to loose. she didn’t know how to accept the pure affection that he had to offer her. she didn’t know that a man could care so much without wanting anything selfish in return. What planet was he from? And how does she stop pushing him away? Does he understand that her fear of failure in this with him is keeping her from being who she really wants to be? she doesn’t want another failed relationship that she has to recover from.

He proved her wrong IN SO MANY WAYS, he was not a monster waiting to be unleashed, he actually sincerely cared wholeheartedly. He called to check up on her (that was new for her), he wanted to hang out with her even when she got her period (that was weird for her), he didn’t just call her and tell her that he was coming over for sex and to be ready when he got to the door, he actually cared and this scared her. At times she wondered why he was being so nice. He was nice because thats who he is. Now if she can just make her mind believe this she would be perfect.

As she pushed him away, she realized it hurt him. But how could she get him to understand that she never meant to. That it was happening unintentionally. That her past had taught her to expect nothing from no one and to be EXTREMELY INDEPENDENT. That she didn’t know how to accept his affection because she’s never really had it at this measure. That being transparent meant he would see her wounded side and those memories brought pain and tears.  How could she get him to believe in her and be patient and know that she will get better. Disagreements occurred, but the sad part is that even after the disagreement that she still preferred to be in his arms and no one elses. That he was the first thing she thought about in the morning and the last thing she thought about before bed. That he was amazing to her in ways that he will never know. Through him, she believes in love and marriage again….she felt alive in his presence and time didn’t exist when she was with him.

Now her prayer is that he doesn’t walk away. That God captures his heart and whispers to it to not give up on her. That he forgives her for messing up sometimes and comparing him to her ex’s that hurt her. That he always remembers that he is her favorite person. But most importantly that he doesn’t give up on her.

Lesson/Encouragement: Never let pain from the past hinder you from receiving love or affection from another. Its not fair to them and can cause you to loose the one that God has sent for you. Let the foundation between you and a significant other be built on trust, understanding and transparency. However the most important of the three is understanding. Without understanding, one party will always be upset at the other. Practice understanding between the two of you until one day no words have to be said and the other partner just gets it. It is also important to be selfless and stand in the shoes of the other person or the relationship will not survive. Patience is always key.

But what about me?

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She wonders when it will be her turn. When will it be her turn to be in love without pain. She knows her friends and family were concerned, so she tried to confide in her friends, but regrets it because of the pity that she receives afterward. She lives with the consistent memory of the man that wounded her laughing at her to her face and calling her “fragile”……….so who does she have to run to? Her mom?……..Nope! her mom would worry. In so many ways she just wanted to be left alone at that time and disappear but she has a heart of gold. The only thing that kept her alive was her love for music (Gospel). Gospel music was the only reminder that she was not alone in what she is going through. It allowed her to be able to sleep at night in her bed alone. Or when she cried herself to sleep, it reminds her that the pain won’t last always. That she is entitled to feel her pain and that just because she was hurting that this does not mean that she was “fragile” it just means that she was slowly becoming stronger. It reminds her that she was not a bad person for the silly descions she has made, but that she was a woman that can have many chances at life as long as she finds it in her to fight back and stand tall. That she just needed to tell someone how badly her heart was broken, someone that didn’t make her feel bad for hurting.

What also upsets her was that she no longer believed in marriage. That she could never even imagine what it would be like for a man to actually want to spend the rest of his life with her AND put a ring on her finger. Or that a man would even embarrass himself in public for her to get on his knees  to propose to her. Now was she married before? YES! but that previous marriage was in a court and there was no ring involved………Anyway, her confidence was so broken again that she literally just lives from day to day hoping she can just get through the day. But she can’t let anyone know  how she feels because its not sexy for a woman to be weak or fragile especially around a man. So she is alone. No-one. And all she can do is wait for God to remember her somehow. Wait for God to perform a miracle. Any type of miracle as long as the pain goes away.





Broken hearts do heal

HAVING AN OUTLET DOES NOT MAKE HER A BAD PERSON or seeking public attention BUT SELF AWARE and a form of healing medicine

SHE IS WORTH IT, always has been and always will be.