The search for the one thing she lost………..confidence

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She was astounded by the fact that she could be married and the one man that she believed she could spend the rest of her life with had damaged her in more ways than anyone can ever imagine. Because of how things took place and the infidelity, she had convinced herself that she was no longer worthy of love, that no one would ever be able to love her or even want her after this, that she was no longer beautiful and that she would never be happy again. But then when it actually came out of his mouth towards her, she believed it and then behaved as so. He would even go as far as to tell her that just because she had a degree and a car doesn’t make her better than him. The divorce was long and crucial. But she survived that.

There was always this saying that said that “the most attractive thing is a woman’s confidence.”  But She lost her confidence, so what did she really have at this point. After the divorce she remained to herself and suffered heavy depression in addition to loosing her confidence. She wouldn’t talk to anyone, not even family and friends and just lived in  this dark world of isolation. She even contemplated suicide but begged god to help her.

One day her mother finally got ahold of her and said “baby I know that your hurting inside, and I’m hurting due to the fact that you are hurting, but u have to fight to live.” She realized that her mother was  right so she did the best she could day after day. Sometimes just surviving the day was an accomplishment for her. Slowly but surely she began to hang post-its around her house to remind her that she was beautiful, that she was worthy, that she was worth it, that she can and will love again, and that god will send someone to love her despite her flaws. Building herself back up became a long process but it was worth it.


Lesson/Encouragement:  Life happens, hurt and pain occurs, but sometimes if all u did was survive the day in your hardest moments then this is an accomplishment… doesn’t mean that you are a failure but an ongoing conquerer……So be encouraged.

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