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Your finally accepting the fact that you can sing but……theres another problem! YOU HATE HOW YOU SOUND!

You like how you sound when your at home alone and singing in the shower or just singing around the house and you say to yourself “ok ok, i got some skills there, ok!!.” So you decide that maybe people are right and you should probably take this seriously. So you begin to record how you sound. You play it back and begin to cringe at the the sound of your voice at play back. You hate show you sound, you believe you sound like a stranded goat or nails on a chalkboard and you become disgusted. IS THIS YOU?…….
Ladies and gentlemen, this is normal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sing or are not an artist, it simply means that you realize that you have a lot of work to do when it comes to perfecting your gift. How do I know? because this was myself a couple of months ago. I cringed at the sound of my voice during play back and wanted to throw my phone/recorder away! I literally gave up at one point, lost confidence and said “nah I’m not a singer.”

Anyway, as i continued to go through life singing as I was on the streets or even at work, the response was the same for everyone i ran into: “Dana you really do have a beautiful voice.”
so i #triedagain……began recording myself and realized that being a singer didn’t mean that I had to have so many vibratos in my vocals or that i had to do so many ad-libs. Sometimes a song just requires you so let go of the fear and sing from your heart. BUT THEN THERES ANOTHER PROBLEM……..when I begin to press record, I began to shake and get nervous all over again…..its just me and the recorder so what am I afraid of here??!!!……NEVER A DULL MOMENT! So what do I do now?

Stay tuned!

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