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Whats your favorite method for a Wash and Go?

There are many ways to conduct a wash and go. But when glycerin is not your friend, you become fearful of not even wanting to try a “wash and go.” However, with many trial and error, I learned what was beneficial for my hair and my ego!

What I mean by this is that I would make sure to try every type of method. And the reason I prefer a certain type of method for my “wash and go” for my 4C hair is simply because I prefer elongation of my curls rather than definition. Hence my EGO. If you are not aware, the most common methods are the shingling method, the raking method, and the praying hands method. And if you watch my video HERE you will see which method I prefer based on my EGO. However, in the video I do show two different types of methods and what it does in my 4C Hair.

So Lets talk about the Hibiscus and Agave hair care products I used in this video by SHEDAVI! The one thing that I absolutely loved about these products was the fact that the products did NOT have coconut oil in it. As you may already know, coconut oil does cause hair to be hard about a couple of days after styling (well atleast, I know that this happens with my hair). But because this brand did not have coconut oil in it, my hair was moisturized for a lot longer than normal (Wash and Go lasted 4 days). In addition to this, SHEDAVI is also a vegan hair care line. Which means that the products have no animal traces within it and is made from wholesome organic products. So for anyone needing to make sure that their hair consumes the best healthy products, this Hair care line is for you!

My favorite product was the Leave in conditioner. It does have glycerin in it, which many may have an issue with during hot summer days (shrinkage), but I did not have this problem at all! Not only was this product moisturizing but it has such a rich thick consistency that it made me wonder why I have not had my hands on this before! To see what other products I used for my “WASH AND GO,” Please click HERE!

By Dana

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)

Be and stay encouraged.

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