Travel Nursing/ Hotels

Best Western Hotel : Naples, FL

Theres just something about a clean room. A room that not only feels safe to be in but allows your spirit to be be free. A room where you don’t have to remind yourself that you are only here for 3 more nights.

What about the hotel? Well there’s something about being in a hotel where after working a 12hr shift and coming home at night, you feel safe to walk to your room. This is a travel nurses dream!….There are enough lights to light the pathway to your room and if you need to make a run to the front desk for towels or something after your shift, you’re not afraid to do so. Or even the amazement of the lighting around the hotel and being able to walk around at night to look around and be in awe of the architecture or statues. This was pure heaven to me and made me feel as though I could stay at this hotel again.

So why the night time arrival? Simply because I drive in the mornings to my assignment straight from home and then after my shift is over, I drive straight to my hotel.

Room was clean, and there was a refrigerator and microwave which allowed me to be able to put my meal preps in the refrigerator. This made me excited because I had been cutting down on spending money for food every time I came to my assignment. I normally book my hotels on the Dosh app so that I can have money back. Dosh is an app that many people use to be able to get cash back on all purchases, including hotels.

For full video on the hotel, watch here:

Break Down:

Cost for Hotel: $85/night

For this hotel, I received $43.02 back.

Number of roaches: one

Link to DOSH app:

By Dana

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." (2 Timothy 1:7)

Be and stay encouraged.

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