Is God Really that mean?…….

Does he have feelings like we do? Why does it always seem like he is punishing someone or leaving them?……. Believe it or not, this was HER thought process. Can she blame the church that she came from and left,  for the way that she began to think about God? YES!!!!…..did this past church have an influence on the way that she viewed God? YES!…But … Continue reading Is God Really that mean?…….

My Truth

She moved to a new state and is embraced by many of a particular church. These people become her closest friends, they love her and she learns the true meaning of mercy towards others no matter how much people may hurt her……but then things changed and she began to hear Sermons of: ”women are not to wear earrings, pants, or even walk around with their hair uncovered, women shouldn’t … Continue reading My Truth