But the bible is boring!


Ever feel like you know you need to read the bible but feel as though you don’t know what stories to read or even where to start? Ever feel as though you know you need a bible verse tailored more to you and less to the general public? Ever feel guilty because you know that you need a quick word for the day but feel as though you are to lazy to open a bible and read a full blown bible story? Afraid that your disappointing God because you just don’t have the time to read his word? Well don’t feel that way at all, life happens, trials and tribulations occur and sometimes we only have stolen moments but we feel as though we need to stay updated to the word of God. Your not alone because I feel the same way as well. If your old school like me and still like the feel of books and having a pen and paper in your hand, then you will love this devotional. It’s called “Everyday bible promises for women.”   It has a writing section at the bottom of each devotional so that you can write down what stood out to you or what you learned. This is how I stay afloat in life!

For men there are: “Promise keepers Mens study bible” and “Everyday bible promises for Men.


Lesson/Takeaway: There will be times when reading the bible can become redundant or even tedious. But not it does not have to be boring. Never ever think that you are disappointing God, he loves you regardless!