Cookies at Bahia Mar Hotel!


So your Air conditioner broke down and now you have to stay at a hotel. The company responsible for putting up your new Air Conditioner contacts you to inform you that your stay at the hotel is on their tab and all you have to do is send them the receipt! So now you are excited and decide to choose an exquisite hotel but within the financial limits that the company gives you.  You search for the best price possible and plus you want to make sure that you get money back using the DOSH app plus stay at a hotel that you have never been to before that is not to far away from home. Low and behold you come across the “Bahia Mar Hotel, division of double tree by Hilton.”

According to DOSH, The hotel cost $123/night and there was a money back guarantee of $57.78, after your stay is completed!  The hotel is now booked and after a night out with friends, you realize that your hotel is literally two minutes away! HOW SWEET IS THAT?!!… You arrive to this…..




Your amazed but It’s 1:45am and you are now ready to check in. A polite woman comes to the front desk and says “Hello ! welcome to the Bahia Mar, here are two bottles of water and two warm walnut chocolate chip cookies courtesy of the hotel whenever you want more! Can I have your name so I can check you in?”

I immediately asked her if she was joking and she said……. “no sweetie, free water and warm chocolate chip cookies whenever you request it, are you ready to check in now?”

Unfortunately I couldn’t answer right away because I already had a warm and tasty cookie in my mouth and as soon as she looked up at me she began to laugh! (I like my snacks!, HA HA HA).

So she checked me in and gave me two more warm cookies and I headed to my room. Room is a double room and clean. You notice the pamphlets on the dresser and one of them says….. “Gain 1000 points if we don’t clean your room, just leave this flyer on your door!”  You are tired so you decide to explore the hotel in the morning.

Next day you wake up and realize how beautiful the hotel is as you explore. The hotel has a pool. But in order to get to the pool you have to walk this amazing large bridge that connects between your hotel, the main tower and the pool from the second floor. At the intersection of the bridge you come across the sign that says “to the left= pool, to the right= beach.” And in your mind your thinking “wow! I need to travel more because this is amazing.”

So what else does this hotel offer? There are shopping centers at the hotel, a yacht dock where you can walk and sight see, a bar within the hotel and a restaurant. There is even exquisite room service with the option of cheesecake to be delivered to you up until 11pm.

So what are you waiting for? Get to the hotel and enjoy it now! You wont regret it! I promise!


Lets Chat

Your finally accepting the fact that you can sing but……theres another problem! YOU HATE HOW YOU SOUND!

You like how you sound when your at home alone and singing in the shower or just singing around the house and you say to yourself “ok ok, i got some skills there, ok!!.” So you decide that maybe people are right and you should probably take this seriously. So you begin to record how you sound. You play it back and begin to cringe at the the sound of your voice at play back. You hate show you sound, you believe you sound like a stranded goat or nails on a chalkboard and you become disgusted. IS THIS YOU?…….
Ladies and gentlemen, this is normal, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sing or are not an artist, it simply means that you realize that you have a lot of work to do when it comes to perfecting your gift. How do I know? because this was myself a couple of months ago. I cringed at the sound of my voice during play back and wanted to throw my phone/recorder away! I literally gave up at one point, lost confidence and said “nah I’m not a singer.”

Anyway, as i continued to go through life singing as I was on the streets or even at work, the response was the same for everyone i ran into: “Dana you really do have a beautiful voice.”
so i #triedagain……began recording myself and realized that being a singer didn’t mean that I had to have so many vibratos in my vocals or that i had to do so many ad-libs. Sometimes a song just requires you so let go of the fear and sing from your heart. BUT THEN THERES ANOTHER PROBLEM……..when I begin to press record, I began to shake and get nervous all over again…..its just me and the recorder so what am I afraid of here??!!!……NEVER A DULL MOMENT! So what do I do now?

Stay tuned!